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Read some of our more fun things to do in Vietnam

what to do in order to enjoy Vietnam
A precise guide to the places to visit and the things to do in Vietnam for an unforgettable experience With the country being disproportionally long, making a list of fun things to do in Vietnam would normally take into account some sort of route. But there are simply too many things to see and do, and I can’t expect anyone to completely stick to my personal itinerary anyway. Therefore, it makes most sense to just make a list of ten incredible or smart attractions you should really consider when you are in the neighbourhood. And I am well aware there are …
Australia & Travel Tips

Discover the best places to visit in Australia(with amazing insights)

Kangaroo at sunset in outback Australia
Famous for its sandy beaches, sunshine and marsupials, Australia is a dream trip for many travelers worldwide. Lets explore the best places to visit in Australia For those traveling to Australia for the very first time, distance takes on a whole new dimension. Just getting to Australia itself is a monumental undertaking already, unless you’re a kiwi or already happen to live in South-east Asia. For the rest of the globe, Australia is ‘that one continent down under’, and chances are your knowledge of the continent might be a little on the limited side. So you have heard about kangaroos and seen …
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The big list of unique, strange & fun places to go in California

Whether it is a hike, a restaurant, or just a collection of odd things, this list is dedicated specifically to the fun places to go in California   Traveling to a continent other than your own can be daunting. You don’t want to see the usual tourist traps, which is hard with zero references. Ultimately, you want to know about the fun places to go in California. That’s where we come in though; with a list of cities and unique things to do in Southern California. A few years ago my girlfriend and I joined another couple to travel through California. Below …
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Some of the more interesting things to do in Shanghai

Ancient Chinese architecture
There are just so many things to do in Shanghai. Your challenge will be to prioritise the city’s attractions and accomplish all of your goals in the limited time you have here   Shanghai is a unique Chinese city, linking modern times with ancient China. It is also one of the most populated areas in the world, allowing travellers to get a complete picture of modern-day China. Huangpu River splits Shanghai into two districts: Pudong and Pux. The Puxi side allows one to walk the Bund and get a taste of the older side of Shanghai. At the same time, this side of …