There’s no better way to get up close with Asia’s charms than on two wheels. Hop on a bike in any of these seven destinations, and get your attractions and your workout in at the same time. Win-win! Even if you’re not a hardcore cyclist, you’ll love these seven memorable cycling adventures in and around Asia.

Rice Paddies, Bridges and Beaches in Hoi An

Hoi An’s serene countryside is ideal for exploring by bicycle. The Old Town’s streets are closed to motorized traffic most of the day, so you can take the ancient bridges and heritage houses at your leisure. Just outside the town, dirt paths run through green rice paddies, and afternoons on An Bang Beach are for yoga, football and a splash in the waves.

Forts, Churches and Bamboo Bikes in Manila

If you’ve never tried a bamboo bike, here’s your chance. Soak in Manila’s fascinating colonial history, while cycling along cobblestone streets in the shadow of medieval forts. Bambike’s eco-tours will show you the secrets hidden in Intramuros’ mossy, 400-year-old walls, while giving your legs a gentle workout. Did we mention it’s for a good cause? Win-win!

Intramuros, Manila: Better on two wheels

Intramuros, Manila: Better on two wheels! (pic by @bambryan)

Rural Life along the Riverbank in Luang Prabang

Next time you’re in Luang Prabang, make time in your itinerary for ‘The Small Chili’, a highly praised mountain bike tour that will show you what life is really like for locals along Laos’ scenic rivers. Speaking of, you’ll actually encounter three rivers in this trip. Keep your cameras charged and ready for the fantastic countryside scenery.

Mangroves and Markets in Bangkok’s Green Lung

Few people believe Bangkok can be clean, quiet – even restful – but that’s exactly when you get when you step onto the boardwalk in Bang Krachao. Spend a morning nibbling goodies from the floating market, then wind your way hypnotically through coconut plantations and bamboo forests, leaving all the noise and bustle of the city far behind. Sign up for a tour with Co van Kessel and let them guide you through Bangkok’s quiet side. 

“There’s no better way to get up close with Asia’s charms than on two wheels

Mossy Moats and Monasteries in Ancient Hue

More than one traveler has fallen in love with Vietnam’s ancient capital while on two wheels. The Perfume River plays a huge role in the city’s history and culture, but there are also magical forested monasteries, ornate citadels and ancestral houses to explore. Supplement your trip with the book ‘Over the Moat’, about one American cyclist’s inconvenient love affair with a shopkeeper’s daughter in Hue.

Train Stations and Temples in Kyoto

Kyoto is a city made for cyclists, and you can easily spend a day or two just pedaling from one beautiful shrine to the next. For a little help, rent bikes and borrow maps from the Kyoto Cycling Tour Project. We recommend cycling from Kyoto Station to Ginkaku-ji Temple via the Path of Philosophy, stopping to make the most of the views of the Kamo-gawa River along the way.

Meeting Geishas in Kyoto

Meeting Geishas in Kyoto (pic by @judebrosnan)

Grapes and Vineyards in Hua Hin

Who can resist a ride along the coast? Hua Hin, once a sleepy fishing village, is known mainly for being the preferred getaway of the Thai royal family. Today Hua Hin lures holidaymakers with its stunning emerald beaches, but few people know the province also produces its own wines. If you are a wine enthusiast, spend a day with Hua Hin Bike Tours, discovering best of this Thai resort town as well as its vineyards. 

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