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There are so many things to do in Hanoi – it’s not even funny

Young traveler with back pack - Hanoi, Vietnam
Find the most unique things to do in Hanoi with Hotel Quickly and access in-depth, unique and the most local things to do   Unlike some of the other countries in South-east Asia, Vietnam seems to be cling to its past and its traditions a little more than its neighboring countries. For tourists coming to Vietnam, this is great news, as the mystique of the orient really shines through in Hanoi. The colonial architecture, the ancient temples, the silent tai chi routines and tranquil tea traditions make for an impressive travel destination. At the same time, the traffic and the rapidly evolving …
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9 of the most awesome things to do in Northern California

Northern California: watch the sunrise
Embark on a great American adventure and discover the most epic things to do in Northern California. Be inspired with these top travel picks   You are sure to strike gold whatever your choice of things to do in Northern California. The huge northern section of the Golden State is a land of epic proportions where everything is seemingly built on a much grander scale, from towering Redwoods, the tallest trees on earth, to the raging Pacific surf and the snow-capped Sierra Nevada Mountains. This is a classic road trip country – there are a few more exhilarating drives than cliff hugging …
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Here’s our list of things to do in Southern California

Hollywood sign overlooking Los Angeles
Check out our vast List of Unusual, Unforgettable Attractions & fun things to do in Southern Cali   Famous for Disneyland, Route 66, SeaWorld, Universal Studios and tons more, no-one can ever say there aren’t any things to do in Southern California. More than just the attractions, Southern California is a melting pot of different culture. So whether you are looking for some typical family attractions, stuff to see on a budget or unusual things to do in Los Angeles California, you are in for a treat.
Our best things to do in Bali will take you straight to the ‘must see’ cultural treasures and famous landscapes found all around the magical island of Bali   Bali is a province in the republic of Indonesia. It consists of the island itself, and some of the lesser known neighboring islands, like Nusa Ceningan, Nusa Lembogan and Nusa Penida. But most travelers refer to the big island when they talk about Bali. And more specifically, they tend to google “Bali things to do” like yourself. In the article below, I’ve tried to explain some of its areas in a way …