One of Thailand’s few remaining off-the-beaten-path beach destinations, Trang’s beguiling natural beauty and easy-going vibes are a tonic for big city life. It’s easy to lose track of time here, wandering ancient train stations, munching crab rolls at seafood restaurants and snorkeling in the shade of limestone cliffs.

Getting to Trang

Trang’s easy accessibility makes it perfect for a weekend trip. Fly in to the provincial airport, or start your adventure on the overnight train from Bangkok.

Trang’s 199-kilometer coastline stretches itself leisurely along the sparkling Andaman Sea. Just offshore and studding the horizon, postcard-perfect islands and beaches await. Schools of small fish dart through the emerald waters surrounding Koh Mook, Koh Kradan, Koh Hai and Koh Rok Nok. Divers can go deeper in the sites inside the Mu Koh Petra National Park, while nature enthusiasts have waterfalls, jungle trails and caves at their fingertips.

Time out in Trang

Time out in Trang

Where to stay

The Anantara Si Kao is our pick for a couples’ stay in Trang. The private balconies in the resort’s sea view rooms serve up unobstructed views of Koh Kradan, and the most beautiful beach in the whole province. For a DIY romantic sundowner, bring a pair of plastic champagne glasses, some beach towels and your own bottle of bubbly down to the sand and enjoy!

Thailand’s timeless, multi-colored charm is alive and well in the provincial capital of Trang City. In this centuries-old seaport, you can still catch glimpses of Sino-Portuguese architecture, step inside historic churches, or wait in line for an iced coffee alongside Thai, Malay and Hokkien Chinese locals.

Once you’ve taken in the atmosphere in Trang, venture out for a day excursion to the nearby islands. Hiring a longtail boat makes for greater freedom and privacy, and usually costs about THB 2500 – guide, water and snorkeling equipment included — if booked directly.

Time out in Trang

Time out in Trang

Trang Tour Tips

Consult tidal charts or ask your guide about the best time to do the 100m swim into Emerald Cave. Be sure to bring your underwater camera, and try to visit on weekdays to avoid the crowds.

No trip to Trang is complete without a day out on the water, getting well and truly blown out by salty sea air and soaking up the treasures of the Andaman Sea. Start out early and laze away a few hours on Koh Kradan, swim your way into the hidden lagoon inside Emerald Cave, snorkel to your heart’s content, then cap it all off with a fantastic seafood lunch on Koh Mook Island.

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